What is the best way to job search?

What is the best way to job search?

It is no secret that right now hundreds of people are spending hours, day after day, searching for a job. The motivation for the job search is different from person to person. Some people are looking because they absolutely have to pay their bills, some are bored, some people live with their parents or significant other and want to contribute, etc. One thing that many people talk about is getting “tired” of the job search. This is understandable considering the real unemployment rate has indicated that nearly two out of every ten people are looking for a job.

So how does a person search for a job without getting “job search fatigue”. The key is keeping focused and setting goals on a daily basis. For instance, if individual “A” decides that they are going to apply to “a lot” of jobs today, this vague goal can mean that they apply to 3 jobs or 10 jobs. it is all dependent on what that person feels like doing and how much time they want to spend on it. Instead of making no goals, consider doing some of the things listed below.

1) Set a measurable (numeric) goal for daily applications to be filled out: Instead of just thinking you will fill out a lot of applications, set a specific numeric goal. From discussions with others, doing five applications a day is a pretty reasonable goal. If you do this Monday through Friday, that will mean 25 applications a week. If you do that for a full month, you will have filled out 100 applications by months end.

2) Stay focused while applying: take this time to yourself and truly focus on getting these applications done. Remember, the quicker you get them done the faster you can move onto something else that you can enjoy.

3) Create template responses to repeating questions:
Most applications have certain questions that are repeated. “What are your skills that qualify you for this position?” “What activities/group are you associated with?” Take some time and come up with some very solid responses to these answers and remember to keep them general (Meaning, don’t say a company name in the response)

4) Set a time frame: Setting some time to focus on applying to jobs is huge. Realistically, you can’t expect to consistently spend 5 hours a day applying. You will get fatigued, hate the process, and stop trying. Instead, set a specific time frame (minimum two hours for 5 applications) and focus on getting everything done accurately.

5) Set up time to network: This is probably the most important portion of a job search. Social networking websites like LinkedIn/Twitter are offering people a way to network with people like never before. Many people wonder is linkedin.com worth joining? The answer is YES. take some time and explore the website. It allows you to contact professionals in your dream job, and nothing is more invaluable than that. Twitter can also be a nice tool to network yourself as you can show your expertise in certain fields just by writing a blog and keeping it current.

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