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You have made the unemployment process easier, thanks! – Joe G. Without your website I would still be unemployed. Thank You – Frank Z.

What is Unemployment Underground?   

We are the best unemployment website on the internet. Our goal is to connect unemployed individuals with company insider information that gives them an advantage while searching for a new career.

Who is Unemployment Underground for?

Although our website is made specifically for unemployed individuals, it can be used by anyone looking for new employment. Take a minute and look around, we created this website for you.

Why use Unemployment Underground?

Our website contains information you won’t see anywhere else on the internet.This information includes: Actual company interview questions, accurate company salaries, and the largest job database on the internet.

Company Interview Information

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One of the most difficult things about going to an interview is anticipating what questions will be asked. Our website allows users to anonymously submit interview questions and interview tips from companies they work at, have worked at, or have interviewed with. Similar to company interview information, our company salary information is submitted anonymously by our users. This allows for the most accurate database of salary information and grants anyone who is unemployed the ability to understand what their dream job pays. Unemployment Underground has partnered with multiple websites to offer the largest job database on the internet. In doing so, we have access to multiple job postings you can’t find anywhere else.

Resume & Cover Letter Examples

Unemployment Information Resources

Education Information Resources

One of the main components of getting out of unemployment is a quality resume and quality cover letter. At Unemployment Underground we think this is extremely important so we offer our users an extensive database of free, fully downloadable resumes and cover letters. Many people are unemployed for the first time and realizing how confusing  it can be. Our website offers unemployment news, unemployment statistics, an unemployment forum, and a step-by-step unemployment guide to help you understand how to file unemployment. One of the best ways to prevent unemployment is to have a college degree. However, finding a reputable school is a difficult process. We at Unemployment Underground realize this and created an education center with a full step-by-step guide to help you with the education process.